Installing GMT on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6

Hello all,

I downloaded the MacOS GMT installer and that seemed to work fine. Checked the path and it is set there.

However, typing grdinfo as a test and an error about not being able to load libgmt.6.dylib comes up. The installer did not make any reference to the OS being too old.

Any ideas about how to fix this.


how ancient is your OS?

It shows as MacOS Sierra version 10.12.6. The machine is probably 10 years old but still works fine.

As I mentioned before the GMT package installed just complaining about a library it could not load (libgmt.6.dylib).

I do have Python (3.8) installed, so maybe pyGMT is a workaround?

I am not too familiar with the terminal functions on MacOS.

Think I need an earlier installer probably!

Yes, which gives a buggier GMT. Such is life.

I found the installer for 5.4.5 and that installed fine. It is not a perfect solution but at least it functions.

Is it possible to install the latest version via conda (miniconda) or is that also operating system (age) dependent?


you might have to cope with installing an old version of *conda most likely as well which in turn might mean that you won’t get the latest GMT.

I also have an old Mac Pro running High Sierra still hanging around and have GMT6 installed there - however, I am compiling from source which (mostly) works ok. See this thread for some details on dependencies if you want to go down that path.


I’m on High Sierra 10.13 on which GMT failed with Homebrew. I then uninstalled Homebrew + Macports and started from scratch by installing Macports and then using Macports to install GMT. Macports managed to install GMT6.4!! Homebrew is not the way to go with older Mac OS versions because it keeps failing for whatever the reason. I suggest you try Macports after uninstalling your current GMT. The key is to start from scratch and uninstalling + un-linking everything related to GMT.

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