Is it possible to set the color of a contour to one solid color?

Below is my code to plot the continental shelf/slope area between the coastline and 500m-isobath:
SS_clip = grdclip("@earth_relief_10m", low=[-500 NaN], high=[0 NaN]);
grdimage!(SS_clip, shade=true, color=:geo, nan_alpha=true);

It works great except for the color. I’m thinking to change its color to a solid color like “120/120/120”. Will that be possible? Unfortunately, the below argument does not work:

You do not start an image with the ! form. That is for appending to images.
Although one may do color=color1,color2 (where color1 may be equal to color2) there seems to be some buggish thing biting. Just compute a CPT before and use it.

This works

cpt = makecpt(range=(-500,0,500), color="120");
grdimage(SS_clip, shade=true, color=cpt, nan_alpha=true, show=true)
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Works great. Many thanks, Joaquim! The tip about “!” is a nice bonus.

thanks work is a great.