Issue about installing GMT6.4.0 on Cygwin

I tried to build GMT-6.4.0 on Cygwin several times, but it can’t work. Seems like leak some files in it.

I used to build GMT-4.5.18 on Cygwin and succeeded, but this two versions are so different.

When I Install version 4.5.18, I use the way ~/.configure、make、make install.
In version 6.4.0 it became cmake, but it doesn’t matter, I still built and installed it successfully, but it can’t work.

I find that, when I install it, the “examples” are good installed, but other commands are missing, like the basic “psxy”.(Pictures below shows the bin folder of 6.4.0 and 4.5.18)

I don’t know, If there is any steps go wrong?

I’m not a native English speaker, thanks for your patience in read my question.

Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated.


Everything looks good. In GMT 6, the only executable is “gmt”. If you want to run the old-style “psxy” command, you should use “gmt psxy” (in classic mode) or “gmt plot” (in modern mode) instead.

You may want to read the GMT5 ( and GMT6 papers ( to understand the changes.

In cmake/ConfigUser.cmake, uncomment the following line

It’s a very long time since I used cygwin (c. 10 years). But back then, it was really slow and annoying to use. You could try WSL2. I bet you will get better performance. Assuming you’re using a ‘newer’ versions of Windows.

thanks for you all’s suggestion. I’ll take it a try.

Note that GMT6 can run GMT 4 syntax scripts as long as you either build the MODULE_LINKS or you read the section called “Migrating from an Earlier Version” on the documentation page sidebar.