Issue with the font of annotation of colorbar using oblique projection

Find another issue with the font of annotation of colorbars:

I tried to set the font larger but it did not work (in GMT6.5):

gmt set FONT 12,Times-Roman
gmt set MAP_ANNOT_OBLIQUE anywhere

gmt begin gravity png
gmt grdimage @earth_faa_01m -JOb168/51/172/32.5/14c -R-500/2300/-400/400+uk -BeNsW -Bxa5f1 -Bya5f1
gmt colorbar -C -Dx14.2c/2c+jML+w3c/0.2c+mc -Ba100f50 -By+lmGal
gmt colorbar -C -Dx7c/-0.2c+jTC+w6c/0.2c+mc+h -Ba100f50 -By+lmGal
gmt end show

It works well in GMT 6.4.

Yes, things have changed a bit in 6.5. See here why. Basically the modern mode theme scales down the fonts depending on the colorbar length. So, the FONT is still working but is scaled down. To set a fixed size font use the online --FONT=... construct in colorbar commands.

Great. Many thanks!