Issues with PDF/bitmap conversion (psconvert) on Debian Buster on WSL (win10)

Hi all,

I encounter an odd issue with version befa962 with Debian on WSL (Win10, ghostscript v9.27) in the psconvert step of the following script:


#--- the following sequence produces unrotated/unclipped PDFs/PNGs
gmt begin
   gmt figure test jpg,pdf,png,ps A+m0.5c
   gmt basemap -Rd -JH20 -Ba30g15f5 -B+t"This is a title"+glightblue -U"some string here"
gmt end

#--- using psconvert separately to generate output works as expected
#--- generating rotated & clipped figures

gmt psconvert -Tf test_psconvert -A+m0.5c
gmt psconvert -Tj test_psconvert -A+m0.5c
gmt psconvert -Tg test_psconvert -A+m0.5c

The initial gmt begin/end sequence script works as expected on MacOS 10.13.6 with the same freshly compiled GMT version.

Am I missing something here?