Justifying map to the center of a Paper

Dear All,

Please, can someone bail me out on how to justify a map to the center a of paper? I attach herein the sample of the map.

Thank you.reduced.pdf (273.2 KB)

Your map is centered at the center of the paper (all GMT figures are).
But guessing (and we have to because you didn’t show any code) I would say. See the man page for the projection you used and pick a central longitude that is mid-way between lon_min & lon_max.

Thank you so much for the quick response. But I do not understand what you actually mean. Below is the codes I used

#!/usr/bin/env bash
gmt begin image
    gmt coast -R-125/-15/30/85 -Jl-55/15/30/80/1:50000000 -S -Wthin -B -P -N1/thick,red 
    gmt makecpt -Cetopo1 -T-5000/1000/1
    gmt grdimage @earth_relief_01m -I -C -Bag  
    echo 49.14W 42.50N | gmt plot -BWSen -Sa0.3c -Gred -N -Wp1
    echo 49.28W 42.58N | gmt plot -BWSen -Sa0.3c -Gred -N -Wp1
    echo 49.16W 42.51N | gmt plot -BWSen -Sa0.3c -Gred -N -Wp1
    echo 47.33W 41.52N | gmt plot -BWSen -Sa0.3c -Gred -N -Wp1
    echo 46.29W 42.22N | gmt plot -BWSen -Sa0.3c -Gred -N -Wp1
    echo 46.24W 44.14N | gmt plot -BWSen -Sa0.3c -Gred -N -Wp1
    echo 48W 41N GeoB18530-1 | gmt text -F+f6p,White -N
    echo 45W 47.7N Flemish | gmt text -F+f4p+a-360 -N # flemish Caps 1
    echo 45W 47N Cap | gmt text -F+f4p+a-360 -N # flemish Caps 2
    echo 85.2W 59.7N Hudson Bay | gmt text -F+f6p,Helvatica -N
    echo 68.5W 55N Labrador | gmt text -F+f6p -N 
    echo 58.5W 46N Laurentian Channel | gmt text -F+f6p+a-420 -N  
    echo 51W 46N Grand | gmt text -F+f5p+a-360 -N #Grand banks 1
    echo 51W 44.7N Banks | gmt text -F+f5p+a-360 -N  #Grand banks 2
    echo 78.5W 66.5N Foxe Basin | gmt text -F+f5p -N
    echo 59W 69N Baffin Bay | gmt text -F+f5p+a-430 -N
    echo 43W 74N Greenland | gmt text -F+f6p -N 
    echo 50W 57N Labrador Sea | gmt text -F+f6p,White+a-45 -N
    echo 62W 44N Scotian Shelf| gmt text -F+f5p+a-340 -N
    echo 55W 48N Newfoundland | gmt text -F+f4p+a340 -N #Newfoundland 1
    echo 70.2W 62.3N Hudson Strait | gmt text -F+f4p+a320 -N
    echo 48W 50N Orphan | gmt text -F+f4p+a-360 -N
    echo 48W 49.2N Basin | gmt text -F+f4p+a-360 -N
    echo 29.7W 49N North | gmt text -F+f7p,White+a-360 -N
    echo 30W 47.5N Atlantic | gmt text -F+f7p,White+a-360 -N
    gmt colorbar -DJBC -B1000
gmt end show

Well, if you had read the manual page like I suggested you would have found

6.1.3. Lambert conic conformal projection (-Jl -JL)


-Jl|L lon0/lat0/lat1/lat2/ scale|width


  • The longitude (lon0) and latitude (lat0) of the projection center.

so, is this what you want (not the -70 instead of -55)

gmt coast -R-125/-15/30/85 -Jl-70/15/30/80/1:50000000 -Wthin -B -N1/thick,red -png lixo

Thank you so much. It worked