Layered firmoviscous grdflexure help

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to use the grdflexure command to obtain flexure profiles for a lineload using a layered firmoviscous model for benchmarking purposes. The script that I am using is pasted at the bottom of this post. I was able to get good results with an elastic layer over a viscous half space, but I can’t seem to get the layered model to work. I’ve found that, with the code that I’m using, that changing the thickness of the asthenosphere does not affect the flexure. I’ve also found that the flexure is completely indepdent of the viscosity of the asthenosphere, and is only controlled by the mantle viscosity. I know that this should not be the case, so any help with fixing this would be greatly appreciated!


#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Testing firmoviscous flexure code
gmt set GMT_FFT kiss

# Create a line load with radius 100km and height 1km   
gmt grdseamount -R-5000000/5000000/-5000000/5000000 -I5000 -E -Cd -Dk -Z0 << EOF
0       0       0       100000  100     1000    75      75
rm -f flist
while read t color; do
gmt grdflexure -D3300/0/10/0 -E30000 -F1e22/80000/1e21 -Cp0.5 -Cy3e10 -Na -T$t -L >> flist
done < times.txt
# Get cross-sections of all solutions
gmt math -T0/1000000/3125 0 = t.txt
gmt grdtrack t.txt -G+lflist > a.txt
rm -f fv_*

Hi Daniel. I found a bug related to teh 2-layer model (h_a was always 0). I will let you know when it is fixed.

Sounds good! Thanks Paul.

Fixed in the master branch. I will send you an email about some details.