Legend (auto and manual)

Hi !

I’m trying to add some legend to a figure.
I can’t find a way to combine automatic legend and an extra text I fancy to add.

gmt plot gmt plot stuff.txt -Wthick,red,.- -l"legend for this line"
gmt legend -DjTR+w3c+o5p/5p -F+r4p+pthinnest,gray+gwhite --FONT_ANNOT_PRIMARY=8p <<- END
        T more text

Also can you confirm that --FONT_ANNOT_PRIMARY is only applied to legend ?


I think it is not possible to combine automatic legend and an extra text.

What I think could be done is a two step approach.

First use automatic legend and then gmt legend -Tspecfile to create a specfile, then edit it to add any extra text.

Adding --FONT_ANNOT_PRIMARY=8p will only affect the command with which it was used.

We will be discussing this, see this GitHub issue


Thanks @MarceloBanik for the suggestion.

Mix of auto (first) and manual (second) implemented via legend -M. Give it a spin.

Neat :slight_smile:

Works well as long as legend comes after (perfectly sensible)

Thanks @pwessel

BTW, is there a way to update via conda? Somehow I can’t install dev from forge…
nevermind. I just needed to be in the “conda_env” folder