Legend vector size


I’m plotting a set of vectors (using fig.plot()) on a map and I included a legend. However, I’ve tried to find out wat the length of the vector displayed in the legend is but I can’t seem to find it out. I suspect it is basically “1” in whatever unit the vectors are in, but it seems a bit small for that. The legend does not include an arrow, just the length of the vector stem. Is there a way to attach an arrow?

Many thanks!



# Plot velocity vectors fig.plot( x=lon10, y=lat10, direction=[azi10, mag10], style="V0.25c+e", pen="0.5p,white", color="white", label="Velocity (cm/a)" )

fig.legend(position="JRT+jRT+o0.2c", box="+gdarkgrey+p1p")

Output (including other shapefiles of course :wink: ):

Hmm, could you try using fig.legend(..., S=10) to scale the legend icons to be 10x bigger? It’s not documented in PyGMT, but see https://docs.generic-mapping-tools.org/6.3/legend.html#s