Legend with different fonts in gmt6.1 on linux does not work

Hi all,
I run gmt on linux and appreciate the modern style in gmt6. I want to set a legend with deviating header font. It works when switching to gmt 5.4 on same computer (of course with a different pslegend command).
The command with gmt6.1 reads

 gmt begin a61
    gmt legend -JX5/5 -R0/5/0/5 -DjBR+o0.5c -Fi+gwhite+pthick -S1.3 --FONT_ANNOT_PRIMARY=10p,Helvetica << EOF 
    H 12p,Helvetica-Bold Models 
    S - - - - thin,gray - t2 n512 j170
    S - - - - thin,red - t2 n512 j340
    S - - - - thick,purple,8_4:0p - t1 tefe j1024
 gmt end

In the generated pdf, the Helvetica-Bold font is ignored, only the size of the header is set correctly to 12p. The font remains being Helvetica. I don’t know if this is a general bug or related to the gmt installation on my computer, so I placed it first here.

I can confirm the bug. I have opened an issue at https://github.com/GenericMappingTools/gmt/issues/4707
Thanks for pointing it out.

Bug fixed in the repo: https://github.com/GenericMappingTools/gmt/pull/4708

thanks a lot. So I wait for the next release, where it is fixed.

If you need the result more urgently, the alternative to waiting for the next release is building from source, with instructions here.