List of all [WARNING] and [ERROR] messages

Is there a list hidden somewhere of all the [WARNING] and [ERROR] messages the GMT modules can produce? Maybe even with some further explanation what went wrong? My searches yielded nothing so far.

I started looking after the discussion in #3309 where the error and warning message is short and concise. My thinking was that most of the time the novice user is taken by surprise when an error occurs and some more explanation might be helpful.

If a file with all error and warning messages exists somewhere a quick search might turn it up and help the user with an expanded explanation.

Your thoughts?

There is a set of common error codes that result from certain errors . These are listed in gmt_error_codes.c but we never go around to replacing the text with a more user-friendly message there.

I had a look at gmt_error_codes.c but seems not to have messages like line 13208 in gmt_init.c:

GMT_Report (API, GMT_MSG_WARNING, "Modern mode oneliner syntax given but no file prefix provided - using %s\n", GMT_SESSION_NAME);

Which are somewhat exciting messages which might benefit from some expanded explanations in my opinion.