Little mistake in doc


just to report a little mistake in doc:
the function GMT_Open_VirtualFile returns an int, and not a void* as mentioned.


Are you willing to open a PR to fix it?

Sorry, but I don’t know what a PR is. Can you explain please?

If you find any typos when reading the GMT documentation (especially the dev version, e.g.,, you can click the “Edit on GitHub” button on the top right of the page, which will direct you to the source code (written in reST syntax) of the documentation. If you already have a GitHub account, then you can edit the documentation, fix the typos, and submit a PR (pull request).

Done, I hope the right way…

Great! I can see that you already made the fix in your own branch, but you haven’t opened a PR for it.

To open a pull request, you can go to your branch, then click the “Pull request” button,

, and you will see

Then you can change the title and description of the PR, and click the “Create pull request” button.

Damn! I eventually saw that I missed the pulled request button, pressed it, but did not change the title nor the description of the change. Sorry, I will do it better next time!
In between, I have submitted another change about GMT_WITH_STINGS in GMT_Create_Data.

Great! I have requested @pwessel to review your PRs as he knows more about those API functions.

but did not change the title nor the description of the change.

You can edit the title or the description of your PRs at any time, by clicking the “Edit” buttons :smile: :