Make a circle around a central point?

Hello everyone. Can you use mapproject or project to get a central coordinate and get the coordinates to… say 360 points all at the same distance. E.g. …

center in (0,0) get the coordinates of a circle that is 50 degrees radius…


Yes, see project -Z for a way to create points on an ellipse but expects distance in km.

Hi Mariano, I just enhanced -Z in master to a) take +n if you rather want to specify the number of points instead of increment along perimeter, and b) for the degenerate ellipse (your circle) you can use the normal map distance units when setting the diameter, e.g., 50d.

gmt project -G360 -Z30d+n

Hello Paul! I just tested it. Worked like a charm, but better! Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the confirmation!