Mini tutorial for forum users

We should have a small and concise ‘sticky’ post where basic forum usage is given.
Or does this exist already…?

  • code blocks
  • links
  • etc?

I like the idea.

Something like this ?

Yes, PlanetGus, something like that!

I see that writing code in code blocks is not mentioned on that webpage (I think). That’s one of the things that can cause a post to look messy in my eyes; a whole lot of code floating around.

Good idea! One option is to pin a post with this information in the lounge and link to it from the top welcome banner. Would you be interested in creating the guide post?

Sure, I can do it when time permits.
(If any of you others want to do it asap - please go ahead).

I created Forum tips & tricks: create a good post.

Feedback please! Anything missing? Or wrong? Hard to understand?

@Andreas Nice tutorial! I think what’s still missing is including a long code block with triple backticks (```).

gmt begin
gmt basemap ....
gmt end show
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I agree! How are you able to escape the three backticks? I tried that, but didn’t succeed.

How are you able to escape the three backticks?

I use three ~. Please see the screenshot below:

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Great, seisman. Thanks!

Fantastic guide! Just one suggestion to remove one of the * surrounding “sloping letters” in the italics section.

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Done! Thanks.

And the indent in the list (toward the end)
Eventually add more

  1. bla
    • blabla
    • blabla
      • more bla
  2. blablabla


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I’ll add some more :blush:


Ok, a bit revised. Based on feedback.

Thanks, looks very good.

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FYI I moved your post to the lounge where it’s less likely to get buried and added a link to it from the top banner. Thanks!

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Thanks Meghan!

And I pinned it. Now it won’t get buried.

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