Minmax is missing from the linked module version

My install omitted minmax from the link created upon classic backward compatibility script

(minmax -> gmt in /bin install directory)

is that a bug or a feature (or both?!)


gmt minmax is recognized fine in classic:

gmt minmax -

gmt gmtinfo [core] 6.2.0_c67a7f0_2021.04.30 [64-bit] - Get information about data tables

Oh, you mean for scripts not starting with gmt, just minmax. Which link script did you use? I see minmax listed in all of them?

Yes, in terms of links, I use the ConfigUser MODULE_LINKS TRUE option - other links were there.

Apparently, a recently introduced bug. Being fixed in master now and should be merged shortly thereafter.

Now merged into master. Thanks for pointing this out!

Thank you!