Missing Colorbar Annotations

I am using GMT 6.4 in modern mode. I have created a static CPT for to plot values ranging from 10 to 15 with an interval of 1. I have also used colorbar to create a legend for my plotted values. The output appears as follows:

Everything is as I want, except that the colorbar doesn’t show the upper and lower values (ie 10 & 15). How do I add these values to the colorbar? I have read the documentation for both makecpt and colorbar, but the solution evades me! The applicable gmt code I am using is:

gmt makecpt -Cturbo -T10/15/1 -H > nz
gmt colorbar -Cnz -Dn0.1/0.6+w4+jLM+ma -Np -Bx1+l"MORA"

Thanks everyone, no need for help, I have found the answer. Rather than us the -B option in colorbar, I needed to use -L & -S. The new colorbar code is:

gmt colorbar -Cnz -Dn0.1/0.6+w4+jLM+ml -L -S+xMORA

This generates: