Movie. How to reuse previous frames?

I created a movie with a lot of frames (which obviously taked a lot of time). Now I want to create and sligthly different version from these previous frames (like with a different displayrate or with less/more frames). Is it possible to do it with movie (without the time-consuming task of creating all frames again)? Or should I learn to use another program like ffmpeg? I would prefer to use movie because I already know the sintax.

We should add some more documentation to movie for these cases. I do this all the time, and when you run movie wiht -V it will at the end print out the ffmpeg command used to build the image. You could then just rerun that. Now, since you dont have that command you can either run a very short movie -V to see what it looks like and extrapolate to your case, or try something like this

ffmpeg -loglevel warning -f image2 -framerate 24 -y -i "images_%04d.png" -vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p movie.mp4

The -i option is the trickiest. The %04d is if you have 4 integers in the frame number, change to what you have. 24 is default frame rate - you can change that as well.

Thanks. It worked. For the record, in windows I have to used %%04d.

yes forgot. In Windows % is like $ in cash so need two to escape.

Yes, and when I run movie (in windows) with -V the ffmpeg command informed was with only one %. Maybe a warning could be add in the man page.

I have opened a PR to add some documentation plus always display the ffmpeg command. I cannot change it to %% in that command since it the exact command we run from inside movie.c, but I point out in the documentation the issue with %%.