Movie. Labels from text

I am using movie with the following file as timefile. I can’t managed to use the file for labels. Should I use -Lt? In the man page says “If -Lt is used then the format statement must contain a %s-like format”. What exactly should I use it?


My guess would be -Lt0, and you may need to add +w to your -T option to break that single trailing text into a single word. I dont think you need to add +t to -L since it should default to “%s”, but if it complaints you could try -Lt0+t"%s"

When I used -Lt0+t"%s" I get:

movie [ERROR]: option -L: Using +f with frame or data variables requires a ‘%d’, ‘%e’, ‘%f’, or ‘%g’ -style format.

I think this was fixed by this PR.

I didn’t see that. Many thanks @maxrjones and Paul.

I try it. Now when I used


I get:

ERROR: Caught signal number 11 (Segmentation fault) at
Stack backtrace:

Is this a bug? Or something else? If a remove it, then there is no error.

Can you post the master script and one of the parameter files? Need to run with -Qs to save those scripts.

Are these?

Master script:

gmt begin
#	Seleccionar Datos
	gmt select "Az_Pendientes.txt" ${MOVIE_TEXT} -o2,3 -fg > "temp_rumbo" -bi4f

#	Dibujar rosa.
	gmt rose "temp_rumbo" -Gorange -Wfaint -Bx0.2g0.2 -By30g30 -B+glightblue -A3r -S5cn -D -LW,E,S,N -JX10 -R0/1/0/360 -Yc -Xc -T
gmt end

Parameter file (

# Parameter file for frame 0

Should be one called I see no LABEL variables in your parameter file. Perhaps simplest if you are able to post a zip with everything I need to recreate your problem , if that is possible.

I send shell file (with txt extension).

Movie_world_label_BUG.txt (1,9 KB)

The was NOT created (as well as I used -Lf instead and those files appeared.

Thanks I found the problem and have submitted a PR

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