Movie. Resolution of master frame (-M)

The master frame of a movie has the resolution defined by the canvas (-C), right? So, is it not possible to have the movie with one resolution and the master frame with another?

Not possible today, but I could imagine a +rdpi modifier to -M that could accomplish it.

Ok. It could be useful to create an smaller image (in Mb) for youtube for example.

@pwessel, also in the vein of -Ccanvas option, I sometimes got error messages (resulting in empty videos) due to the input size (ffmpeg).
I don’t have the exact error line but it’s something like

width/height not divisible by 2 (<width>x<height>)

Is there a way to issue a warning before full process (similar to the “destination directory non-empty” one)?

Something like this ?

Yup :slight_smile:
(i’m on v6.2rc)

Looking at movie.c, those checks do happen before we start processing, but they are warnings, not errors. Also, the checks are only performed if you specify a movie output (ffmpeg) not gif, and it is not checked if you are using -Q for a dry run. Not sure what you want me to change here?