Multiple shapes from same point

Hello again,

It seems that I got stuck on another issue and I need further help. I have multiple points with lat/long coordinates and a name for each point. I currently have marked these points with a yellow circle on the map using psxy and printed their name using pstext. To do that I have created a file points.txt with the following format:
long1 lat1 name_of_point1
long2 lat2 name_of_point2

and run:

gmt psxy -R -J -O -Sc0.2 -Gyellow -Wthinnest points.txt -K >>
gmt pstext -R -J -O -Dj0.15/0 -F+f12p,Courier-Bold,yellow+j -N points.txt -K >>

This works fine, but now I need to extend this annotation. For EACH of these points I need to do the following:

  1. Draw an arrow with one color starting from a point.
  2. Draw another arrow starting from the same point with a second color. For both arrows, I have their size on the x and the y axis. Can I use directly this information or do I need to calculate the lat/long coordinates of the ending point of the arrow (e.g., calculate the size of the arrow as sqrt(x^2 + y^2), the rotation angle from tan(angle)=y/x, make further transformations and add the results to the lat/long coordinates of the point)?
  3. A circle and the name of the point with a third color.
  4. Print at the end of each arrow the text (x, y) with the corresponding color for each arrow, where x and y are the size of each arrow on each axis.

How can I modify points.txt to do that? I tried to understand whether I can do it by defining a multi segment file, but I could not understand the complete syntax for these files.

If it helps, I want to do something similar to Figure 5 in

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I think that figure was produced with the supplements velo program. Have a look at it’s manual.

Is this available only for GMT 6? Can’t seem to find anything for GMT 5 that I am using.

It’s called psvelo in GMT5. But what’s so difficult in updating GMT? What OS are you in?

Ubuntu 16.04. Can’t find packages for GMT 6 and I don’t have the time to compile from source right now.

psvelo was exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again for your help!