NetCDF grdview problem

I want to create 3d map from asc point data. I’ve got 2 asc files in EPSG2180. I had merged their in Qgis and exported as netCDF in EPSG4326. I try to open this file via code:

import pygmt as gmt
import xarray as xr

mapa = gmt.Figure()

grd = xr.open_dataset('')
grd2 = gmt.load_dataarray(grd)

    perspective=[130, 30],
    frame=["xa", "ya", "WSnE"],


but there is error:

ValueError: did not find a match in any of xarray's currently installed IO backends ['netcdf4', 'h5netcdf', 'scipy', 'cfgrib', 'pydap', 'zarr']. Consider explicitly selecting one of the installed engines via the ``engine`` parameter, or installing additional IO dependencies, see:

I installed all dependencies. Any idea how to solve this?


Hello @reg0edit,
welcome to the GMT forum :slightly_smiling_face: !

Your error message looks to me more like an issue during opening your netCDF file with xarray rather than a PyGMT or GMT related problem. Probably already the following code leads to your error message, correct?

import xarray as xr
grd = xr.open_dataset('')

I feel it would be helpful, when you please provide your input data. Currently, it is difficult to infer what is going wrong in detail.

And why complicate? Why just not?