New GMT remote datasets

We are pleased to announce a major addition of remote datasets including:

  • Reliefs grids of other celestial bodies (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto)
  • Mean Sea Surface
  • Mean Dynamic Topography
  • Distance to nearest shoreline.
  • Earth Free-Air Anomaly Errors
  • N-S and E-W deflection of the vertical,

We now offer a total of 25 grids. Read more about them and find the data citations on the GMT dataset documentation.


Awesome to have all of these grids available!

The Lunar LOLA original grid dimensions look a little strange. Using, e.g., the N/S dimension; (180/53347)*3600 gives a cell size of 12.14688 seconds. The table reports a cell size of 14.06… seconds.

Isn’t the original LOLA DEM given at 1/256 of a degree resolution (= 14.06)? In that case the dimensions of the original grid should be: 92160 x 46080.

Not sure what numbers you are using. File dimension gives these increments

rpn 360 92160 DIV 3600 MUL


We are working from the released Tif file which is 92160 x 46080 and that gives 14.0625 seconds increment, which is why you need 6.5 to work with the 4 highest oddly-resolution planetary data sets.