Oblique mercator doesn't work north of 83N

Trying to get oblique mercator working with an equator at 84N with no luck. It will work up to 83N. Is this a bug or a feature??

gmt basemap -R-200/200/-200/200+uk -JOa8/83/46/4i -B5g5 -T8/83/3c -png test
gmt basemap -R-200/200/-200/200+uk -JOa8/84/46/4i -B5g5 -T8/84/3c -png test

Amending, just tested and -JOb works at 84N, so must be a bug with -JOa.

Hi Rick, yes looks like a bug. Could you please post an issue on the GitHub site and include those examples, please. That way it does not get lost in the forum exchanges.