Obtain the coordinates of each pixel within an image with a given projection

Good morning,

I have a gif file with meteorological information, i.e. radar data. I’d like read this data and digest it to produce a netCDF file. This is an example of the image I’m dealing with:


I know that this data is represented in azimutal equidistant projection, and I also know the center coordinates. Now, the question is if (and how) I can use mapproject to build a matriz with the coordinates of the 480x480 pixels. In other words, how can I build a matrix of 480x480 coordinates that form a square in a given azimutal equidistant projection?

By the way, my idea is to build this matrix with GMT and then use other tools such as Python to write out the netCDF file. But if there is a GMT-alone way to convert from gif to netCDF I’d be more than happy to know.

Thanks a lot!