Old gmt version to new one

qf15.txt (2.2 KB)

Dear GMT users,
I am trying to run an Gmt code but I got same errors. Please see the attachment files ( the code and the error image )
Any one help me to solve this problem would be appreciated
Have a great day

You seem to be confusing the csh shell variables with GMT parameters. The first part of your script should be setting csh variables but you added “gmt” before the commands. You should only add “gmt” before gmt commands, not the csh commands like “set”.

Dear EJFielding for your quick answer,
Yes, I removed the gmt from the setting csh variables and I got this error,
Could you please help me to fix it?
Best regards

I see no further errors, just warning and information messages. Some are related to your script probably using GMT 4 syntax which results in a warning, and the surface message means you picked a bad combination of -Rw/e/s/n and -I so that the number of nodes in x and y are prime. This means slow convergence since no common factors.

Dear pwessel,
Thank you so much for your explanation. The problem is solved
Have a nice time