One Mercator coordinate and one in kilometers

Let I have two columns

First one is latitude, other the depth in kilometers.
How to plot such map-One Mercator coordinate and one in kilometers?

You have latitude and depth. Well, a point then may be placed anywhere along that small circle (circle of latitude) at the correct depth.

I dont think you can map that.

I think OP just want something like this

gmt begin test png
gmt basemap -R35/45/0/20 -JX10cd/-5c -Bafg 
gmt end show

Thanks, this works fine

Good :slight_smile:

  • -JX for cartesian projection
  • -JX10c for 10 cm side figure
  • -JX10cd for “degrees”
  • -JX10cd/-5c for parametrize separately the y-axis (-) reverse the y-axis (5c) 5cm in height
  • -Bafg for automatic “a-annotation” “f-ticks” and “g-gridlines”