Optimal triangulation of data

I was trying to apply the Delaunay triangulation like in the example 12, but I have some truble creating a .txt file with the data, I created a 3 column file with (x y data), but it does’t work. Can I have access somehow to Table_5_11.txt to compare it with what I did?

All test script and data are part of the github repo so you could get everythinng that way. The file is just ascii with three columns with tabs or spaces (or commas), e.g.

13 14 9
22 6.9 -2

Since the example script has the remote file indicator (@) in front of Table_5_11.txt, you can run the script locally and GMT will download that file to your cache directory (usually ~/.gmt/cache/). Here’s a link to the folder that contains the ex12 script on GitHub: https://github.com/GenericMappingTools/gmt/tree/master/doc/examples/ex12