Option -x [n] for limiting number of cores useage not working

Hallo everyone,

I only know a little bit about GMT. We have a program using GMT to make some computations and plotting for geographical data. We notice that the program uses all the available cores of our computer. I tried to limit the number of cores it uses by using “-x n” option. But this results to error. Does anyone have experience with this?

Thank you in advance!

Please post any error message you get and also the exact command you are using. I assume the space between -x and n is a typo?

Thanks a lot for your reply!
Here is the line:
gmt -x3 surface /data/PGEs/tmp/WEGDEK_TEMP_FC_work/tmp/PAR_4865/gms_gmt_fc_202211151100.dat -R3.0/7.4/50.7/53.6 -T0.25 -I0.01 -
surface: Error: Unrecognized option -x

Well, surface has no -x option as the message says. It is not an easy code to parallelize in OpenMP.

Thanks a lot for your reply. Your simple words leads to a solution for our problem because there are more commands from GMT that -x can be used.

Many thanks!