Overlay shapefile with 3D perspective image?

Hi, I am just trying to overlay shapefile to 3D perspective image but it doesn’t stick to each other. Please help me to solve this issue. Many thanks!

cshp= os.path.join(“shape”,“counties.shp”)
region=[minlon, maxlon, minlat, maxlat, -6000, 4000],
perspective=[150, 30],
zsize= “4c”,

region=[minlon, maxlon, minlat, maxlat],
data = cshp,

Two things.

  • The second command, the plot, must use the same region and zsize than the first.
  • the cshp array must have lon lat elevation, which it probably has not. In that case you must run it through grdtrack to get the third dimension.

Thank you for your swift reply.
1- The region is the same.
2- cshp is a list of polygons with the shapefile format. That means I need to convert the polygons to points and then use grdtrack to solve this. Do you know any other option?

No it’s not, in grdimage you also have zmin/zmax but I missed to say that you need to use plot3d and not plot.

And regarding the shapefile data. Sorry, there is no escape, if data has no z no draping on topography is possible.

Hi Joaquim:

Thank you for the information. I just thought we still overlay the shapefile layer at the elevation = “0”. It is almost fit to each other when I tried to use the command:
I will extract the polygons to points and then stick it through the grdtrack.

How did you solve it because I transformed to points but I get the error that I have defierent size. How can I do with the shape ?