Parameters to reproduce classic polygons of -Q or -SV vectors

Sorry if this is glaringly obvious - I did try to read the docs and check out prior posts:

I cannot reproduce the -SVtailwidth/headlength/halfheadwidth style settings using the new syntax - I can figure out how to make similar looking vectors, but not exactly the same, in particular regarding how the outlines are dealt with in terms of color and style. Put differently, what are the new style flags to make that figure? Might be nice to list those in the relevant paragraph or caption. Thanks!

That is because the GMT4 vector is a deprecated feature. it is avalable using the old-style options, but there is no modern implementation of it. All arrows in GMT are now a polygon head and a line stem. As you know, the GMT4 arrow was a single polygon.

So, I I don’t like that the head is separate from the tail, and like the old, one polygon style, I’ll have to use old-skool access and cannot use the new options?

Yep, pretty much it. The new vector specifications allow the stem to follow great or small circles while the old form was only a straight Cartesian arrow. It will not go away but it cannot get mixed in with the new syntax since it is a separate standalone symbol we kept for backwards compatibility.

OK thanks