Password resetting not working?

I’m trying to change my password. So I click on the send password reset button, and it says it has sent an email. I’ve double checked my email address in my profile is correct (it is). However no email arrives (and I’ve checked my junk email folder and all the other places it could have gone to).

No idea and don´t know who can help.

You get e-mails warning about replies to your posts?

Might have to do with the notice “Outgoing email has been disabled for non-staff users.” shown to me at the top of the forum page?

@timhume please try again. I adjusted a setting regarding outgoing e-mails. Please let me know if it works for you now.

Thanks Kristof. That works now. I’m cleaning up my online accounts, and choosing better passwords etc. The one I had for the GMT forum was really bad!



Thank you for reporting back. Glad it works now!