Perpective view gmt events


I am trying to make a 3d scatter plot for an animation using gmt events. I cannot get the points to be plotted in a 3d perspective view although I define the vertical projection -JZ and perspective -p flags. The point gets projected onto the base plane of the figure.

gmt begin
echo 7.5 15 5 2010-01-01 | gmt events -i0,1,2 -R0/15/0/30/0/10 -JX5c -JZ5c -T2010-01-01 --TIME_UNIT=d -Sc0.1c -Ba -Gblack -p120/30
gmt end

Am I doing something wrong here? I am using GMT 6.4.

Thanks in advance!

You are not doing anything wrong. The problem is that events does not (yet) support symbol plotting via plot3d, only plot, meca, coupe, and velo.

Thanks Paul for the quick response.

Can I instead use meca or coupe to plot in 3d?

Sorry the slow reply. No, I do not think so. We would have to implement access to plot3d via events.