Planning the 2020 UNAVCO GMT course

I had a zoom with Sandwell yesterday regarding the big picture on dates and times for the GMT and GMTSAR workshop. We are sticking with the initial dates, and we agreed to limit sessions to 4 hours per day, with one 1-hour break in the middle and two 15 minute coffee breaks between the other modules. We will move the traditional ice-breaking/intro session to earlier weeks, and we will add a GMT installation cleanup session as well the week before the workshop. We will share installation and test instructions before all that. The idea is that the participants will have gotten used to us and the others by the time the real workshop starts. We also suggest moving the final project presentation to the next week since we are always rushed to do these and allowing participants more time on their own (or in pairs) to work on this for a few days is beneficial. The final few hours is them just reviewing their accomplishments and (presumably) share digital certificates. Not sure how to handle coasters, stickers, UNAVCO stuff this year. And apparently no 2.54xnormal cookies this year…
You should all have access to the Google folder where I have just added one doc with dates and timing. I need feedback from those of you further east if this will work for you - or add suggestions for changes. We need to have the dates/times nailed down soon so UNAVCO can start advertising.

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