Please help my map

Dear sir Professor @pwessel please please help me to make a GMT map like this. My friends say must use GMT6 exquisite mode but I dont know how please help me.


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Nice. To make a GMT map like this you simply convert your PNG photo to TIFF, then use gm convert to make a JPG, then plot it in GMT with gmt image yourfigure.jpg -png photo, which will make a nice GMT PNG figure for you.

You on coronavirus tour in Tuscany?

I suggest that you try switching your pixels for other pixels and refresh the grid by the GMT super-exquisite option which is -XsIIbqrst. I think you can find that information in one of the GMT V2 manuals on p. 3425, second paragraph. If that doesn’t work, take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning.


Douro, O’Porto wineries. The exquistiest.

My ignorance is showing. Deepest apologies.

Tomorrow night I’ll show more surprises from this magic place in a new episode: GMT, the origin

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So, from 20,000 to 10,000 years ago the first GMTeers gathered in the annual PNGA (Paleolithic, Neolithic, Geophysical Association) meeting in the Foz Côa valley, but contrary to modern times they left the posters from from one year to the next.

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But there were also invited talks. The preferred projection, the Auroque projection, looks very much like a cow (the Auroques are ancient cows). Not surprising given the excellency of the meet in this park.

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I bet one of those early GMTs fussed about having limited memory on his wall.

Forgot to inform yesterday. The good old Neolithic Portuguese ended the PNGA meeting with a grilled fish dinner (also set in stone).

Nice, but those guys look like trilobites. Anyway, while you are enjoying a break, I have implemented hexagonal tiling in that unnamed module

Yes, but found only 150 km south from the Posters site. Some reach 70-80 cm. The largest ever found on Earth. And the Posters alley is the largest known PaleoNeo-lithic rock craving art exposition.

We are about to finish this country tour but I still want to show one more pearl of stone art work.


Now those critters I could eat.