Plot a satellite orbit

This uses still a 2 years old orbit descriptor of the Aqua satellite and therefore the depicted orbit is probably far from correct but it doesn’t matter. Maybe @KristofKoch wants to add an airplain to the track.

using GMT, RemoteS

orb = sat_tracks(tle=["1 27424U 02022A   21245.83760660  .00000135  00000-0  39999-4 0  9997"; "2 27424  98.2123 186.0654 0002229  67.6025 313.3829 14.57107527 28342"], duration=200, geocentric=true);

orbits(orb, lon0=45, land=:tomato, show=1)


Beautiful! Are the two orbits cross cutting? Only available in PyGMT or Julia?

Yes they cross. All non-equatorial orbits have to cross. And yes, only available from Julia.

Any chance to have it implemented in “real” GMT ?

Hardly. Other than the plotting, calculations rely on an orbits propagation library.

Maybe start broadening the concept of “real” GMT :slight_smile: