Plot geo-map for MITgcm grid

Hi, everyone

I try to plot the geographic map for the MITgcm model which has complex grid difficult to project on map.

More information could be found here:

The model grid itself is a complex lat-lon-cap (LLC) curvilinear grid which is difficult to visualize in a regular map projections.

I just download the data and its’ structure seems:

You can see that the data have latitude and longitude as the 2D variables instead of 1D dimensions.

The data could be shown using JX projection:

gmt begin Aghulhas png
	gmt grd2cpt -Cjet -Z
	gmt grdimage -I+a90  -R1000/2000/2500/3500 -JX15/13c -B100 
	gmt colorbar -DJRM+o1.c/0+mc -I0.3 -Bx2+lTheta -By+ldegree
gmt end show 

So, is it possible to plot geo-map for this kind of data?
Dose anyone have suggestions for this question?



I crop a small file (LLC4320). Anyone who interests this question could find the data here:

Please trying this code:

gmt begin Aghulhas2 png
	gmt grd2cpt -Cjet -Z
	gmt grdimage -I+a90  -R2000/4500/5000/6500 -JX7/5c -B500 
	gmt colorbar -DJRM+o0.5c/0+mc  -Bx5+lTheta -By+ldegree
gmt end show 

This is a recurrent question. My answer to it is: use the Julia package “RemoteS” that has a function to solve exactly these cases.

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Thanks Joaquim.
I installed the Julia GMT and RemoteS. Good tools. I find you shared one good example:

It is similar to the LLC data structure. I will give a try based on this example.


G = grid_at_sensor("./", "Theta",region=(10,40,-50,-10), inc=0.03);
imshow(G, proj=:guess, coast=true, dpi=200)

Really cool tools. Only two lines.

But I have another simple question: where or how dose Julia GMT save the figure?

Another suggestion:
The RemoteS seems only know the variable name as latitude or longitude, but does not check the long name or standard name. Just like the data I shared, the variable name: XC YC stands for latitude and longitude and they are presented in the long name or standard name. So it fails to use it directly.

Use figname=newname.png option

See the function online help. I must have accounted for those cases. Otherwise please open an issue.

Sorry for these short answers but I’m somewhere in an island with no computer with me.

I missed the online documents. It was already mentioned and fixed my question.
Now, it is very nice.

G = grid_at_sensor("./", "Theta",region=(0,50,-50,-10),xarray="XC", yarray="YC", inc=0.03);