Plot of vector line segments is not parsing segment headers

This may be a bug but since I cannot get it to work in version five either, I assume the error is mine.

I am trying to plot line segments and use -W in the segment header to change the pen for each segment.

Version 6 code:

gmt begin LineTestOut jpg

gmt plot -Vd <<EOF
# @VGMT1.0 @GLINESTRING @Nname|depth|id
# @Tstring|double|integer
# @R178.1/180.6/-48.7/-45.6
# @Jp"+proj=longlat +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84+no_defs"
> -Wred
# @D"Line 1"|-50|1
178.5 -45.7
178.6 -48.2
178.4 -48.7
178.1 -45.6
> -Wblue
# @D"Line 2"|-50|1
180.5 -45.7
180.6 -48.2
180.4 -48.7
180.1 -45.6

gmt end show

I expect one segment in red and the other blue. Instead both use the default pen, black.

This seems to indicate that it is possible.

My test segments are based on the line file example here:

Any insights are appreciated :slight_smile: