Plot on the sides of a cube

This code still needs more work, but we can already use Andrea’s vegetables as a background of a 3D view. The challenge is on how to trim the hidden parts of the wall images and place them in front. A kind of grdview -N<image>

using GMT

G = GMT.peaks(N=100);
cubeplot("cenora_base.jpg", "bunny_cenora.webp", "burro_cenora.webp", R=G, zsize=6, back=true)
grdview!(G, zsize=6, surftype=(img=true,), show=true)

(EDIT: with the dev version we can do it with

viz(G, zsize=6, facades=("cenora_base.jpg", "bunny_cenora.webp", "burro_cenora.webp"))


And for fun we can also do pretend-to-be-more-serious figs.

cubeplot("seila_gray.png", "seis_section_rgb.jpg", "seis_section_gray.png", zsize=6, show=true)


This looks very interesting. So it’s a few 2D pictures “stitched” together using cubeplot ?