Plot + symbol in the legend

Hi I am trying to create a legend with ‘+’ symbols on it. I am able to plot the circles ‘c’ but I am not able to plot the ‘+’. I tried to used + or “+” and related but I couldn’t plot the legend correctly. Someone could help me?

cat > tmp_leyend <<- END
N 1cat > tmp_leyenda <<- END
N 1
S 0.25c c 0.3c black 4p,black 1c Local earthquakes (Kufner et al. (2021).)
G 0.3c
S 0.25c + 0.8c green 1p,black 1c H-k results (this study). ---------> My question is here.
G 0.075c
gmt legend tmp_leyenda -DJBR+o5/8c+w12c/10c

Hello @Zhou,

is the + not showing up in your legend, or is the color not correct? In the latter case, I feel you have to give the color via the outline (or pen), i.e.,

S 0.25c c 0.3c black 4p,black 1c circle
G 0.30c
S 0.25c + 0.8c green 1p,green 1c H-k

This is probably because the + is one of the line-symbols which have no fill.