Plot the rupture area of a set of earthquakes in 2D map in GMT

Hi friends

I would like to plot the rupture area of a set of earthquakes in GMT (anaconda-spyder) for my paper. I have the data of the: length, width and direction for each earthquake, and I would prefer to plot this area as an ellipse error. I have tried with the following piece of code:

import os
import pygmt as gmt

direc = 'D:\\fold_AEDM_DoctoradoCI_PUC\\FOLD_Cursos_Doctorado\\fold_ING5250_Autoria-Articulo_Publicacion-Revista\\fold_RA-Outline_CDP0006\\fold_Figuras\\Figure_1\\fold_Fig1_GMT\\'



##  generación de la clase fig
fig = gmt.Figure()

## Construcción de la base
region = [-85, -60, -57, -15]
projection = 'M10c'
fig.basemap(region=region, projection=projection, frame=['ag', 'WSne'])

## Construcción de la línea de la costa
shorelines = '0.5p,blue,solid'   ##  True
water = 'lightblue'  ## 'lightblue', 'skyblue', 
land = 'goldenrod'     ## 'brown',  'gold',  'goldenrod'
borders = '1/0.7p,black,solid'

## Despliegue del área de ruptura de un terremoto
long = -74.500; lat = -39.500   ###  Terremoto 1960, Mw=9.5
L = 1000; W = 200  ## distancias en (km)
fig.plot(x=long, y=lat, style='e90/1000/200i', color='red', pen='black')

### Ayuda a coordenadas que aparescan visibles en el mapa
fig.basemap(region=region, projection=projection, frame=['ag', 'WSne'])

##  Se muestra la figura

However, the plot does not result ok. It means, the ellipse is much bigger than the map ¿Could you suggest any way to plot this type of information? I mean, the size of the ellipse is been concordant with the map

                Greetings Adrián

Looks like you are specifying Cartesian ellipses as 100 x 200 inches, which is not what you want. Since you mean km, you need style E, not e, and no trailing i.

Hi pwessel

Thanks a lot, it plots ok. when i change e to E and trailing i.

            Best regards