Plot title and pstext

I cannot succeed in placing a title above my plot. Here are my commands:

gmt grdimage ${GRDFILE} -JW0/${EQSIZE} -X3i -Y5i -C${CPTFILE} -Rd -P -K >> ${OUTFILE_PS}
gmt pscoast -JW0/${EQSIZE} -Rd -B0 -Di -A10000 -W0.3p -P -O -K >> ${OUTFILE_PS}
gmt pstext -JW0/${EQSIZE} -Rd -M -N -B0 -P -O -K << EOF >> ${OUTFILE_PS}
> 0 95 12 3i c 8p 13i c

No matter how I vary the (x,y) coordinates, the title stays put. I’ve tried (x,y) = (0,200) - no change. Also if I try making the font larger, it has no effect. Any help is appreciated

To use the pstext command for the title you would have to reason in paper coordinates (and use the appropriate paper size via -R), not the map coordinates.
However, titles are easier to plot by using the -B+ttitle option (revisit docs in case of doubt)

@vibe33 more specifically, have a look at this example to see how a title is placed on a figure: (or the GMT 6 version

Thank you, I got it to work with the -B option as you suggested