Plotting 3D slip distrbution figure


I am trying to create a 3D plot of slip distribution along a fault surface using GMT 6.4 on a Fedora 38 system. I have used the following command lines on my terminal to generate the plot:

$ gmt psxyz menyuan_fault_str.xyzs -R683100/714050/4177300/4186750/-30000/0 -Jx0.0004 -Jz0.0004 -E30/25 -m -L -Cpal.str -W0.5 -B10000/10000/10000 -K >
$ gmt psscale -D2/0.1/6/0.3h -Cpal.str -O -B2:slip"(m)" >

However, the output is an empty plot without any color!!! (47.7 KB)

I have verified that the data file menyuan_fault_str.xyzs and the color palette file pal.str are in the correct format and are located in the current working directory. The fourth coulmn in “menyuan_fault_str.xyzs” represent the slip value. (14.0 KB)

I am wondering if anyone could help me identify what might be going wrong. I will be appreciated if write the correct command lines.

Looks like you are running GMT 3 or 4 scripts? No -E -m in psxyz but I think we honour these obsolete settings (use -p instead of -E).
As for colouring lines, see -Wpen +cl etc. But you have a space after your -Z options in your data file segment headers so no z-value is found. Note that nowhere in GMT do we have a space between option and argument. You may consider -Z. Your lines are not symbols so you cannot teat them with -C as you do with circles etc.

BTW: GMT CPTs have never ever been called *.str so I doubt that is going to pay off for you.

Thanks for your reply and clarification, but I need to make a color for patches, not lines. I need to make a figure such as this attached figure! slip_distribution.PNG|638x456

Well, still need to see -W and using modifier +cf. no?

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