Plotting a small circle by giving the small circle pole-coordinates and either the radius or another long/lat on the small circle?

In view of the statement written above, I went through every option on the modules plot, grdimage and coast which are given plotting commands but I couldn’t find anything on plotting a small circle segment in a given -R (range) and -J (projection).

Is there such a module that can help in this (Plotting great circle and small circle by giving their specifications)? Module fitcircle provides pole and long/lat of the fit but is there any way to plot it on the map???

And also sampling long/lat of that circle by giving only pole and say radius at equal/given(file) spacings (along that circle only) for further using it in other analyses???

If someone has any solution to my query please reply.

If you wish to plot a complete small circle (360) then plot -SE- can do that.
If you wish to create the coordinates of a full small circle, then see project -Z.
If you wish to draw just a part of a small circle then see project -G in combinations with -C, -E or -T and pipe output through plot.

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Thank You. Was able to do what I intended through project -G in combinations with other options. :slightly_smiling_face: