Plotting Coulomb stress changes using GMT6

Hello dear community
I have seen that output files of Coulomb 3 (software developed by Shinji Toda, Ross Stein, Jian Lin, Volkan Sevilgen) could be mapped using GMT.

Please, could someone give me some adivces? because, to be honest, I do not know where I can start

Thanks !!!

Hi @DannyBoy welcome to the forums!

Did you read Coulomb 3.3 documentation part 5.9 Transferring Coulomb files to the GMT mapping software?

HI @KristofKoch, thanks for your message… yes I read it, I have exported all files (4)

Now, I want to plot them, but my problem is I don’t know which command could help me

I can do some plots with gmt (related with seismology) but one like coulomb stress is a bit difficult, in fact I transformed output (longitude, latitude and coulomb stress value) to grd file. I tried to plot it but I didn’t succeed

For this reason, I would like to hear some suggestions

I’m not versed in the field of seismology – but the linked documentation talks about draping it over some DEM. Try

gmt grdinfo coulomb_out.dat

Did it give you any useful output? If yes, maybe give grdview a try, you could be on the right path.

For the general concept of image draping also have a look at example 32 in the Example Gallery.

But this is all just guessing on my part. Maybe some of the more knowledgeable people in this field can chime in and help you.

Yes, there is a file like a DEM, that is the model of the fault, thet is a rectangular plot dividen in many regions

The output I had is useless, I loaded it but I got a gray cube

Thanks, I will check examples you suggest

and don’t worry, any message and comment is welcome, thanks to spend part of your time in my doubt, I really appreciate it