Plotting time series in years BP?

Dear Forum,
I am a newbee here but have been using GMT on macs ever since the Tennon Unix emulator days, but the one thing I have never done till now was to plot a time series in years BP where the left x-axis value is larger than the right x-axis value, e.g., -R5500/3500/0/1 (which of course programs like psxy will not like). Could there be someone out there who can direct me to a solution?

Hi Paul,

You just need to tell GMT to plot the axis inverted in the projection using negative values. for example you can do:

basemap -R3500/5500/0/1 -JX-12c/4c -Ba

to obtain the desired result. Note the -12c as scale for the x axis.


Super Big Thanks Jose! That worked! I never thought to look for an option on -J, only -R. Now your example makes sense.