Polynomial fit with trend1d

Salut! I need help with fitting the second-degree polynomial through the data. Basically, I did this:

gmt makecpt -Cjet -Ic -T2021-08-25T12/2021-09-15T12/1d > time.cpt
gmt begin wd_hv_inc png
gmt set FORMAT_DATE_MAP “jjj”
gmt basemap -R2/8/3/8 $J -Bafg -Bpx+l"Water discharge (m@+3@+s@±1@+)" -Bpy+l"Horizontal velocity (mm hr@±1@+)"
gmt plot hv_incr.dat -L -i3,1,0 -Sc5p -W1.5p,black -G+z -Ctime.cpt
gmt colorbar -DJCR -Ctime.cpt -Bsxa1D+l"Day of year"
gmt trend1d -Fxmr -i3,1 hv_incr.dat -Np2 -V > model.tmp
gmt plot model.tmp -W2p,red
gmt end show

and got multiple fitting lines:

Could you please let me know what I should tweak to get only one line of fit? I read the whole documentation on trend1d and tried many options, but failed to find a solution. The data is just a table without any discontinuities. I am using GMT 6.4.0.

I appreciate your time and help,

Can you try with capital P ? -NP2
The way I understand the doc, small p gives all the possibilities up to 2.

p (polynomial with intercept and powers of x up to degree n ), P (just the single term x^n )

@PlanetGus, thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately, it did not fix the problem. I feel like the problem is in a way how model.tmp file is created by trend1d. Are there any ways to control the output of this file?

If you get multiple lines then I suspect your input is a multiple segment file and you get one solution per segment? No other way to get more than one predicted value per x value.

@pwessel, thanks al lot for your response! Yes, that was my first thought but the data as I said has no discontinuities, for example with a character like this “>”. I have attached the data file and here is trend1d messages:

trend1d [INFORMATION]: Solving for 3 terms using a last squares norm. The model:
trend1d [INFORMATION]: y(x) = a + b * x^1 + c * x^2
trend1d [INFORMATION]: In the above, x = 2*(x - x_mid)/(x_max - x_min) for polynomials and x = 2pi(x - origin)/length for Fourier components
trend1d [INFORMATION]: The complete polynomial will be represented via Chebyshev polynomials
trend1d [INFORMATION]: Processing input table data
trend1d [INFORMATION]: Reading Data Table from file hv_incr.dat
trend1d [INFORMATION]: Read 561 data with X values from 2.908 to 7.108
trend1d [INFORMATION]: N_model Rank Chi_Squared Significance
trend1d [INFORMATION]: 3 3 0.24904146642 1
trend1d [INFORMATION]: Final model stats: N model parameters 3. Rank 3. Chi-Squared: 0.24904146642
trend1d [INFORMATION]: Model Coefficients (Polynomial): 6.49997025994 -0.775282082905 0.113014014508
trend1d [INFORMATION]: Writing Data Table to Standard Output stream

hv_incr.dat (29.9 KB)

This is the relevant line. A MWE should post only it plus a plot of the result

gmt trend1d -Fxmr -i3,1 hv_incr.dat -Np2 -V > model.dat

Indeed, it seems to be a bug as model points are not sorted as they should.
And when I wrote this I found the problem. Your input points are not monotonic increasing and GMT doesn’t complain.

Thank you @Joaquim! After sorting the x axis in ascending order before feeding to trend1d, there are no longer multiple lines. Thank you all for your time and help!!!

FYI, we have updated the master repo so if m is selected amount -F settings then we automatically now sort output on increasing x.

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