PostScript file creation on GMT6

Hello everyone,
I am using GMT 6.1.0 and I don’t know how to create my “ps” file in the right directory.
Let me explain.

I am a script with the line command : “gmt begin MyPlot X D/MyDirectory”

if X format is pdf, png, jpg, It’s OK. The file MyPlot.X is created in the good directory.

If X is “ps”, the file is created in the directory of the script execution.

Thank for your help,

using the following commands on Linux:

for X in pdf png jpg ps; do
gmt begin $PWD/D/MyDirectory/MyPlot $X
gmt basemap -R0/2/0/2 -Jx5c -Ba0.5
gmt end

The is created in the current directory, both to GMT 6.2.0 and 6.1.0
Should open an issue in the GitHub?

Hello MarceloBanik,
Thank for the response but I have not the same thing.

I am in the D1 directory witch contain a TEST2 directory with the csh1 script below:

gmt begin $PWD/TEST2/MyPlot pdf
gmt basemap -R0/2/0/2 -Jx5c -Ba0.5
gmt end

gmt begin $PWD/TEST2/MyPlot jpg
gmt basemap -R0/2/0/2 -Jx5c -Ba0.5
gmt end
gmt begin $PWD/TEST2/MyPlot ps
gmt basemap -R0/2/0/2 -Jx5c -Ba0.5
gmt end

If I launch this script : csh TEST/csh1
MyPlot.jpg and MyPlot.pdf are created in the good directory ($PWD/TEST2) is created in $PWD

as current directory == $PWD, then we have the same results, and I thing it is a bug.

running with option -Vd, I noted that when it is ps, it says:

psconvert [DEBUG]: Copying /home/marcelo/.gmt/sessions/gmt_session.139980/psconvert_139983d.eps ->

when it is pdf, it says:

psconvert [DEBUG]: Running:
gs -q … -sOutputFile=’/home/marcelo/gmt/forum/tmp/D/MyDirectory/MyPlot.pdf’ …

So appears that the problem is in the psconvert module.

appears that, at least for the simple test I posted here, the following patch solve this (841 Bytes)

@MarceloBanik, maybe a PR please?

I hope I did it correctly:
save the PS file including the path
#4298 opened 2 minutes ago by MarceloBanik

Sorry for the delay !
Thanks for the solution but now, with the GMT5 version and later, I don’t knows where are the sources and how do to include your patch ?

as the correction has already been done in the source code, I think the easiest way is to install from it. See: