Problem with 3D view in modern mode (grdview and coast)

I have an script in classic mode which works fine that I am translating to modern mode. As you can see in the figures below, the frontal facade is not plot and the plane for the sea is plotted at the bottom of the diagram (instead of 0). Where is the mistake? Thanks in advance.

Sintetized commands in modern mode:

gmt begin %title% png
	gmt makecpt -Cdem4 -T0/7000/250 -Z
	gmt grdgradient "GMRTv3_1.grd" -A160 -Ne0.5 -G%SHADOW%
	gmt grdview "GMRTv3_1.grd" -R%REGION3D% -J%PROJ% -JZ%PROZ% -p%persp% -Qi500 -C -I%SHADOW% -N-10000+glightgray -Wf0.5 -BnSwEZ+b -Baf -Bzaf+l"Altura (m)"
	gmt coast -p%persp%/0 -Df -Sdodgerblue2 -A0/0/1 
gmt end show

Figure with Classic mode:

Figure with Modern mode:

Modern mode Script:

It is working now.

Hi there, what was the solution for this? I have same problem. Tom

Mmm, I don’t remember. Maybe it was a bug. What GMT version are you using?