Problem with making GeoTIFF files

I am trying to make a GeoTIFF file with GMT, which I could then view with Google Earth. Here are the commands I use:
gmt psxy RefCoord_70.txt -JB-96/22/29.5/45.5/6i -R-130/-64/22/52 -Sc0.025i -CBackAzi_cyclic.cpt -V >
gmt psconvert -W+g -Tt -D../KMLFile -V

However, the TIFF image generated by these commands doesn’t appear at the correct location and has the wrong size when it is opened in Google Earth. I am including my input data table and the CPT file in the attached ZIP file. I am using GMT 5.4.5. Thanks a lot! (554.0 KB)


A couple of things.

  1. You should have believed on what the psconvert -W warns you about.
  2. I though we guessed better the Portrait/Landscape issue but at lest in this case you must use Portrait
  3. You probably want transparency too

So, try this

gmt psxy RefCoord_70.txt -JB-96/22/29.5/45.5/6i -R-130/-64/22/52 -Sc0.025i -CBackAzi_cyclic.cpt -B0 --MAP_FRAME_TYPE=inside -P >

gmt psconvert -W+g -TG

That works. Thank you very much!

Hi Tainzeliu,

I tried to insert the tiff image produced using the refined command by Joaquim. Still it did not fit in size and location to Google Earth. I have my Google Earth installed in Linux-ubuntu. I also use the latest version of GMT.


Works fine on Windows, and the image is correctly referenced.


Thanks, Joaquim,

Here is mine from my Linux box.

Thanks again Joaquim. It works now as soon as I updated my Google Earth apps.