Problem with PyGMT installation

Solving environment failed using conda
error message is attached below.

error message.txt (1003.2 KB)

Someone else may be able to parse the error message better than I can, but I think it will help to know a bit more information: what system you’re trying to install it on, the command you tried that failed, what version, etc. Help us help you:

The PyGMT documentation suggests running:
conda create --name pygmt --channel conda-forge pygmt
Does this work?

I like using a conda environment file to install everything at once rather than installing packages individually. For example, the contents of an environment.yml file equivalent to the command above:

name: pygmt
  - conda-forge
  - pygmt

With that saved as environment.yml, run conda env create -f environment.yml. When I want to add another package, I amend my environment file and have conda recreate it from scratch.

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Thanks so much for your reply. Problem solved.